1. Buying Teak Wood
• Teak logs are bought from Indonesian Forestry Plantation (PERUM PERHUTANI). This will be checked and measured to ensure sizes within requirements.

2. Cutting & Molding
• Selecting from the teak logs, each piece of logr is carefully cross cut into lengths and thickness required to be planks.
• Planks are then put into KILN DRY for minimum 21 days to get very low moisture content (MC).
• The planks are stacked on pallets, which are then processed at our molding section to achieve the shapes and sizes required.


3. Components Fabrication
• Molded timber is processes by different machines depending on its shape and design to acquire its features.
• These components are then carefully sanded to round all sharp edges and smoothen out all surfaces.

4. Assembly
• Each component is assembled accordingly to form the part of the intended furniture.
• Joints are glued together to form a strong bond.
• All parts are constructed to be finished products.

5. Sanding & Packing
• Finished products are cleaned from residual glue on the joint.
• Finished products are sanded with some sandpaper levels. So you can even see you face on our products like a mirror. It is like a joke but true.
a. First by sandpaper 180 (rough)
b. Then by sandpaper 220 (semi-smooth)
c. Final by sandpaper 400 (very smooth)
• The final process is packaging. Most our products are packed with cardboard box. Especially with knock-down items. With the assembled products we do by single-face paper.


6. Shipment

• Finished products are loaded into containers according to customer’s order.
• These containers are then shipped out to our customers from all around the world.